His reading comprehension and spelling skills accelerated tremendously

My son, Preston, has the distinction of being the first official Modelli student. Home schooled by his mother from kindergarten age, Mr. Lee encouraged us to try his new, innovative, and revolutionary learning system which focuses on the patterns in reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics.

Preston quickly grasped the concept, as it makes nothing but sense, even to a child, and his reading comprehension and spelling skills accelerated tremendously.

When his mother passed away last year, I was forced to place him in public school. My entire family was extremely apprehensive about this as he would be thrust right into eighth grade! Well, we needn’t have worried.

It is with great pride that I can report that he finished the year with straight “A”s! The Modelli system was unquestionably a major factor in his success. Preston feels that it was instrumental in providing him the ability to recognize patterns in reading, spelling, and mathematics, without which he would have had a much harder time.

Because of the Modelli learning system, he has been able to make sense of college level algebra and can even comprehend the incomprehensible formulas of Common Core.

I cannot tell you how very proud I am, and I am so grateful to you for your willingness and desire to help. Thank you, Mr. Lee, for developing this unique and exceptional system. I only hope that the world is ready for it!

Scott H., West Jordan, UT