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Modelli Learning is dedicated to seeing children get the highest quality education possible, so we actively support home schooling. We do that by helping home school educators become the best instructors possible.

Why home school? Because home schooling can be a richly rewarding experience for parents who want a first-rate education for their children, something more difficult to achieve in schools today, especially given the dwindling resources and the implementation of Common Core.


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How Do I Start?

Although the prospect of home schooling can be daunting, there is no reason for it to discourage you—not with Modelli Learning on your side. The question is how a home educator can best meet the challenges involved.

The primary challenges in home schooling are the same as for a classroom teacher: What to do? Where to start? What are effective ways to present material and keep students interested and motivated? These are just a few of the factors involved in education.

For many generations high quality training for teachers has proven desirable and necessary. Don’t home school educators deserve such training as well?

Why Get Professional Training?


A better question is: why not get professional training? Many people feel because they have been taught, usually in a school setting, they can teach others. But receiving instruction is quite different from giving instruction. Thus the state-mandated requirement of specialized training and credentials to work in public schools.

How can the advantages of home schooling be guaranteed without home educators receiving excellent professional training? After all, don’t we want the best professional training for doctors, nurses, lawyers, librarians, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, police, fire fighters, barbers, and hair stylists,? Are the demands of home schooling any less than in those fields?

Until the advent of Modelli Learning, professional training has been unavailable to home educators, unless someone was already a teacher. But teacher training is an arduous process that takes years. These days it might even be of questionable value, based on the current state of schools.

Before Modelli Learning, home educators had to depend on courageously diving in and suffering through a hit-and-miss period, sometimes lasting years, before they found their “teaching legs”. Luckily, that is no longer necessary because we offer workshop classes to train home educators in the bedrock of education: the core subjects of reading and math. Then we help you apply that knowledge to other subjects.

Unlike the years a college degree takes, the preparation Modelli gives home educators is measured in hours. And what’s learned at Modelli is far more practical than the abstract, even fanciful, theories taught in so many college education classes. Modelli Learning prepares home educators to hit the ground running, which is not always true of new teachers.


What If You’re a Home School Veteran?

It’s quite simple. Our workshop classes can help you increase your skills and raise your children’s academic levels even higher. Methods learned at Modelli Learning apply to beginning and advanced students. Besides, we offer a money-back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose.

What About Home School Support?

That’s another advantage Modelli-trained home educators have over teachers. After graduation, colleges close their doors and wave goodbye. Many teachers remember feeling overwhelmed upon assuming responsibility for a classroom.

In contrast, the staff of Modelli Learning has decades of professional teaching experience. We stand ready to back every home educator through all the years of home schooling. Help is always as close as a phone call or an e-mail.

In addition, you get to establish mutual support with others while going through our workshop classes. These kinds of resources are invaluable. They would be the envy of most classroom teachers. Yet it’s yours when you get training from Modelli.

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And the Cost?

That may be the best thing of all. Modelli fees are less than many home school curriculums that cover only part of what our workshop classes encompass. Want to compare apples to apples? Our current workshop fees are a fraction of what a similar university class costs, except no college can teach you our methods.

Most important, Modelli Learning makes no money off you or your children. We simply meet our costs. Nothing more. No profit is added. How many others providing home school help can make that claim? It is our commitment to this non-profit approach that allows us to offer high quality classes at such low rates.

How Does Modelli Save Money?

Modelli Learning can save you a lot of money in the long run. By getting professional training you will know how to teach, which means you won’t have to buy expensive curriculum to guide you through subjects. Knowing how to teach means you can decide what to teach. Then—for the entire time you home school—you can simply choose from many high quality materials available at such places as libraries or on line, all for free.

To top it off, Modelli Learning offers a money-back guarantee and payment plans.

Find out more about Modelli’s workshop classes and our reasonable fees

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