The Modelli Advantage: home schooling

Why do most people choose home schooling?

Usually to offer their children advantages over regular school. Unfortunately, those advantages are limited because home school educators typically use the same methods as classroom teachers.

But why blame home school educators for that? They are simply the victims of a lack of true innovation in education today. Modelli Learning changes all that. We offer a new approach to teaching core academic subjects, a system whose goal is for your child to eventually become an autodidact—a self teacher. Shouldn’t that be the real goal of education?

How does Modelli Learning offer an advantage?

We do more than hand you a fancy set of curriculum and wish you well. Modelli Learning provides professional training. This gives home school educators the knowledge and skills needed to teach most effectively. Plus, we supply you with the materials needed for home schooling success after the training.

Modelli Learning’s convenient workshop classes are so innovative they are unavailable at any university. By taking our college-level training, home educators learn how to teach the Modelli system to their students, giving them a distinct advantage over their classroom counterparts.

It should be noted that while our workshop classes are on the same level as those taken by teachers, they are far from being the same. Unlike the tired, warmed-over approach to teaching contributing to the alarming decline of schools today, the Modelli system offers a clarity and simplicity students immediately respond to and embrace. In short, students love Modelli Learning.

What about cost?

Since profit is not the object of Modelli Learning, our training is affordable—highly affordable. We even offer a money-back guarantee and payment plans. Whether beginning or experienced, home educators can benefit from the teaching methods Modelli Learning offers. / 760 325-8100