Modelli Math: math minus the mystery

Here’s a test to see if you’re a human being:

What comes next?


Did you say element?

Of course you did because you’re human, and humans are hard-wired to recognize patterns. It’s in our DNA.

How does that apply to math? Well, if math were made of patterns, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to learn?

Here’s the good news: Math is made of patterns! That means learning math is pretty natural and a lot easier for kids when they know the right patterns. It makes for happier kids—and happier parents.

That’s the secret of Modelli Math. Except there is no secret. Students just have to learn those patterns. And with Modelli, students don’t just learn math, they master it. That’s where Modelli Learning comes in.

At our Learning Academy students are tutored in Modelli Math. They love how it makes things clear and simple. For home school educators, we teach you how to teach your kids Modelli Math through our workshop classes.

Want more good news?If you’re a home educator, you don’t have to buy expensive materials or technology. Kids don’t need them to master mathematics. Paper and pencil work nicely. Pythagoras, Euclid, Descartes, Newton, and other great mathematicians did just fine without a computer or even a calculator.

And unlike expensive technology, mastering math never needs upgrading because it never goes out of date. At least it hasn’t for the past three thousand years or so.

Here’s a bonus: Both Modelli tutoring and the Modelli Math workshop class for home educators are extremely affordable. Call us now to get more information: 760 416-7894. / 760 416-7894