What Makes Modelli Different?

Modelli Learning uses a revolutionary, yet very simple approach to teaching reading that can significantly increase the overall reading skills of your child. The same is true for math.

The innovative methods found at Modelli Learning are not used in schools. They were devised by Modelli’s director, Gary Lee. After years as a public
school teacher, he noticed a common element in many subjects: certain inherent patterns. By teaching these patterns, his students learned better.

Focusing on patterns forms the basis of our approach at Modelli Learning. Once the patterns in a subject are pointed out, students can grasp concepts more easily and gain greater knowledge.


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What Kind of Help Does Modelli Provide?

At Modelli Learning our unique tutoring clarifies and enlightens, allowing your son or daughter to succeed as never before. Too often classroom instruction creates confusion. In contrast, students understand our simple, clear teaching methods.

We offer proper guidance to students. Given the size of classes these days, mistakes at school often go uncorrected. Such neglect can result in uncertainty and ambiguity. Under the watchful eye of a Modelli teacher, intervention takes place when mistakes occur, so errors simply become a tool for improving a student’s education.

What Are the Benefits of Modelli Learning?

Instruction at Modelli is more thorough than in school. We teach mastery of skills. Once our students are taught the Modelli way, they learn to use it automatically. They also find out how to apply Modelli techniques to what they already know. This enables them to use the Modelli system at school.

Another benefit is that tutoring sessions are held in the quiet of the Modelli Learning Academy, located in the heart of Palm Springs. This helps student learning by avoiding the distractions of home and classroom.

Most important of all, we allow your child to develop confidence in his or her ability to learn. Confidence is a key to academic success.



What Else Does Modelli Offer?

Helping your son or daughter is our top priority at Modelli Learning. We do one thing: teach fresh, innovative ways to learn and think more effectively.

We also offer reasonable fees. Modelli rates are typically one-half to two-thirds less than for-profit tutoring services.We are local, not a franchise or corporate business. The bucks stop where our costs end.

The goal of Modelli Learning is to help your child—period.

The Common Core Conundrum

The adoption of Common Core standards has been a tremendous challenge for many students and parents. The new standards approach various subjects in a different way. As a result, many students have struggled in the classroom. Even some teachers have had difficulties adapting.

Modelli Learning is here to help. First of all, know that your child is capable of learning. Your son or daughter can succeed in school. We are here to assist your child in better understanding reading, math, or other subjects.

Call today and let us help your child realize his or her full potential.

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What Do I Do Now?

Start with our free consultation. During that time we can tell you more about our comprehensive approach to education and start to evaluate your
child’s needs. Although we specialize in reading and math, tutoring is available for most major subjects and grade levels.

The final step: Take advantage of our affordable fees and enroll your child. There are no contracts to sign and the first session is absolutely free.

Why wait? Your child can benefit from professional help.

Call the Modelli Learning Academy today: (760) 325-8100

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