About Modelli Learning

Modelli Learning is dedicated to helping students. That starts with giving them a solid foundation in reading and math. The ultimate goal is for students to become autodidacts: self-teachers. This is done two ways: through our tutoring service and by offering workshop classes to train home school educators how to teach the Modelli system.

We view home schooling as an important educational option in the U.S. Well implemented home schooling offers many advantages over traditional schools. Working with us, home educators can depend on Modelli to serve as an ongoing resource for years.

Modelli Learning officially started in 2010. Several years before, Gary Lee, the director of Modelli Learning, had left public school teaching after more than thirty years of service. Increasing demands on teachers to use restrictive, dictatorial curriculum that neither teachers nor students liked made a mockery of everything Gary had achieved in teaching. Free to follow his instincts and use skills acquired through decades of experience, Gary completed the core of Modelli Learning that has helped many students achieve greater academic success than they ever imagined.

Innovative teaching methods make Modelli Learning different. For too many decades American education has used techniques that date back a hundred years or more. As an analogy, the automobile as a wonder when first introduced, but a Model T scarcely meets the demands of transportation today. The same applies to modern education. Modelli’s new methods are welcomed by students because their clarity and simplicity make sense, allowing learning to unfold in a natural way.

Join us in the great adventure of education. Open your mind to a new world of knowledge.

No matter what level, beginner or advanced, Modelli Learning welcomes all students and home school educators and invites them to see how wonderful learning can be.