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The Modelli Method: beyond phonics

The pop quiz makes it clear that speech forms the basis of language, a view shared by most linguists. Renowned authority David Crystal says, “The origins of the written language lie in the spoken language, not the other way round. ” This means in the world of language speaking reigns supreme. Despite this reality, common reading methods almost entirely ignore speech.

Modern education seems to forget that reading is merely one aspect of language, not an isolated subject. Typically, students learn to read by making the eye primary, leaving the ear to trail far behind—just the opposite of the way language is naturally acquired.

Given the role of speech acknowledged by experts, the most efficient reading method would focus on spoken English. Then why don’t common reading methods, even phonics, focus on spoken English? Who knows? Maybe no one ever thought of it—until now! Introducing the Modelli Method of Adapted Phonetics. But just call it the Modelli Method.

How is Modelli different from other reading methods?

It’s like phonics on steroids. And it makes a huge difference in how kids learn to read. By focusing on spoken language, the Modelli Method helps kids excel at reading, whether they are beginning or advanced. When students learn that written words are just a mirror of spoken words, everything falls into place. Reading becomes much simpler and easier. Students at the Modelli Learning Academy are taught this revolutionary reading method and love it.

But can home school students learn the Modelli Method?

Yes, by home educators getting professional training in the Modelli Method. That’s done through our workshop classes. Learning to teach this remarkable new system is simple and extremely affordable. Just contact Modelli Learning to step up to a higher level of reading instruction: 760 325-8100

Want more information about the Modelli Method?

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